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Drop Sets vs Normal Sets for Muscle Growth: Which Is Best?

If you want to learn whether drop sets are worth incorporating to maximize growth… Then you need to read this article.  When it comes to …

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How Long Does It Take To Lose Muscle When You Stop Working Out? (And 3 Steps To Preventing It!)

If you’re planning to take some time off from lifting and are wondering how quickly you’ll lose your hard earned muscle…. Then you need to …

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risky exercises

4 Risky Exercises You Should Avoid (And What To Do Instead!)

When it comes to building muscle, losing fat, and progressing in the gym, nothing is going to set you back more than injuries will. …which …

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trap workout science

The Best Science-Based Trap Exercises for Growth (10 Studies)

If you want to learn what science has to say about what the best trap workouts and exercises are for growth… Then you need to …

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When is the Best Time to Workout? (Morning vs Evening Workouts)

Research indicates that if you’re seeking to maximize your rate of muscle growth, then there is a “best time to workout”… And in this article I’ll explain exactly …

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how to use protein powder (whey protein and protein shakes)

Protein Powder: How to Best Use It For Muscle Growth (15 Studies)

If you want to learn how to best use protein powder to build muscle based on current research, then you need to read this article… …

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