Want To Learn How Our Built with Science DietiTians Can Help You Eat More Effectively and Accelerate Your Results?



Here’s Exactly What You'll Get You Take Advantage of The Custom Meal Plan

Tailored Habit Building Week

This program starts with habit building through small, incremental, changes customized to your specific starting point. You will have a fully customized onboarding week so that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, from complete beginner, to seasoned pro, your plan is built around your experience and goals.

Customized Diet Plan - Based on Your Goals.

You’ll also receive your very own customized diet plan from one of our BWS Registered Dietitians. These plans will be customized based on YOUR specific body stats, food preferences, exercise levels, allergies, etc. They’ll also be geared towards YOUR specific goals, whether that’s to lose fat, build muscle, or both.

30 Day Overview and Week-by-Week Instructions

You’ll have a 30 day overview and week-by-week instructions on how to go about implementing your plan, including when you should meal prep and which menus in the plan you should follow. This will help you see how to better plan out your nutrition and food choices so you’re set up for long term success.

Built in Help When “Life Happens.”

Traveling, birthday celebrations, cheat diets, extra workouts, vacations, you name it, can all derail you. With this plan, your Registered Dietitian will make recommendations on the best approaches for these special circumstances you’re faced with in the first 30 days of your plan. This ensures that you know what to do, both now and in the future, to achieve your fitness goals while still enjoying life!

Plus - Video tutorials showing you every aspect of the plan that you can refer to anytime!

  • An overview of the entire plan.
  • Grocery shopping for your meals.
  • How to prepare, cook, and store your meals.

Tailored Habit Building Week

Customized Meal Plan

Video Tutorials

BWS Supplement Guide

Built in Help when Life Happens

Nutrition Audit

Custom Meal Plan

Supplement Guide

If you’re overwhelmed with all the nutrition misinformation out there, find meal prepping takes too long, healthy food doesn’t taste good, or just want clear guidance when it comes to your nutrition, the Built with Science Custom Meal Plan is the program you’ve been looking for.

Our team of expert Dietitians will get rid of all your nutrition guesswork, by creating you customized plans, calories, and macros that are specific to YOUR goals, whether that be losing fat, building muscle, body recomposition, developing healthy eating habits, etc.

We take into account all the factors that are essential for your success such as body composition, lifestyle, goals, and limitations, to then create you a nutrition plan that will help to accelerate your results. Let’s hit the fast forward button on your results and get your customized meal plan now!


Want to hand off their nutrition to a trusted expert that will create their very own custom meal plan to help accelerate results
Want a customized meal plan with calories, macros, and recipes based on their specific body stats, food preferences, exercise levels, allergies, and fitness goal (build muscle/lose fat)
Want to get rid of any nutrition guesswork and optimize their nutrition with specific recipes, calories, and macros
Want to take their health and fitness to the next level and get rid of any nutrition guesswork
Want to develop and kickstart healthy eating habits and maintain them in the long run
Want to achieve their fitness goals (lose fat, build muscle, body, body recomposition, etc.)
without having to eat boring or bland foods all day long

Frequently Asked Questions

There are only certain foods that I have access to. Can you work with those restrictions?
Yes, but please make note of these restrictions in your questionnaire and be as specific as possible so your dietitian can incorporate what you have access to and what you need into your plan.
When will I receive my meal plan?
You will first receive an email from your assigned dietitian within 1-2 business days. This email contains more information about steps to get started with while your dietitian is making your plans. You will then receive your customized plan within 5-7 business days after you’ve completed the questionnaire.
How many meals does the meal plan include?
Your meal plan includes 3 total food menus that can be rotated throughout the weeks. You will indicate on your questionnaire how many meals you’d like to prepare throughout the week, and your dietitian will then tailor your menu rotation to this response.
I have a food intolerance, will this still work?
Please indicate on your questionnaire what you are intolerant to, whether specific foods themselves or categories of food (e.g. lactose intolerant). Please also indicate your specific dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, intermittent fasting, gluten free, etc.
Do I have to prepare and follow every single meal?
We understand that there will be events that come up where you won’t be able to follow the meal plan religiously and that’s totally okay. We are focused on making your health and fitness a lifestyle, and something you can enjoy and sustain. That being said, we do offer some tips and tricks for eating meals outside of your plan in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document that we provide.
There are foods I don’t like, can you work around them?
As long as this is noted on your questionnaire, your dietitian can take this into consideration when making your plan.
I have certain medical conditions, can you work with them?
If you have a medical condition or disorder, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, GI disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, etc.), high cholesterol, etc. (please note that this list is not all-encompassing), please do not check out this program. Instead, for certain conditions, we recommend one of our coaching programs instead to instill healthy habits and promote positive behavior changes.
What if I want changes made to my meal plan?
After your meal plan is sent, you will have 72 hours to request any additional meal plan revisions for free. If you request additional meal plan revisions after 72 hours of receiving your meal plan, you will have to purchase a meal plan revision. However, please note that you will not be able to receive meal plan revisions for any requests outside of what you’ve included in your questionnaire response.
Do you offer refunds?
We do offer refunds before the meal plan is sent, there is a $50 cancellation fee if an order is refunded.


** Note as each of our custom meal plans are handmade by one of our BWS Dietitians, we are limiting spots to not overwhelm them so grab yours now while you can!