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Lose fat faster food swaps thumbnail

Lose Fat Faster By Eating Twice As Much (Make These Food Swaps!)

Is it possible to eat twice as much – while keeping total calories the same? It is! Here, I show you the food swaps you …

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How to bench press thumbnail

How To Bench Press Based On Your Anatomy (Correct Your Form!)

Experiencing discomfort while performing the bench press? Or failing to even feel the chest working? Below, I explore how you can tweak your bench press …

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How long for abs to show thumbnail

How Long Does It Take For Your Abs To Show? (Use This Formula!)

If you’re like most people, getting a well-defined six-pack is the ultimate goal. It looks good – and is an indicator of a strong, functional …

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How many exercises to maximize growth thumbnail

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group For MAXIMUM Growth?

How many exercises should you do per muscle group for maximum growth? 6 to 7? Or just 1 to 2? I explore the science behind …

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Perfect 10 Minute HIIT Thumbnail

The PERFECT 10 Minute HIIT Workout (Gym or Home)

Most HIIT workouts you find on the internet are not true HIIT. That’s why, in this article, I’ll go through how to properly implement a …

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Bulk Vs Cut Thumbnail

Bulk Vs Cut: Which Should You Do First? (3 Questions To Ask)

Bulk vs cut: which should you do first? While seemingly complicated, the answer to this is actually quite simple. Here, I explore the 3 approaches …

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