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How To Increase Pull-Ups From 0 to 10+ Reps FAST (3 Science-Based Tips)

Want to learn how to increase pull-ups or maybe, how to perform your first-ever pull-up? Stick around.  Pull-ups are one of the best (if not …

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The Best Ab Workout For Six Pack Abs (Based On Science)

In this article, find out the best science-based six pack abs workout you need to do for an impressive-looking midsection. Let’s face it, acquiring a …

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How to increase bench press thumbnail

The FASTEST Way To Increase Your Bench Press (3 Science-Based Tips)

If you want to learn how to increase bench press AND in the fastest way possible, you’ve come to the right place. Like it or …

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How to bioost your metabolism NEAT thumbnail

How To Boost Your Metabolism With NEAT (11 Studies)

Read this article to find out how to boost your metabolism by increasing NEAT levels. And lose fat faster as a result. Here’s Tim and …

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Push pull legs workout routine

The Best “Push Pull Legs Routine” For Growth

One of the most effective workout routines you can use to build muscle is the push pull legs split, in which your major muscle groups …

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How To “Sculpt” Your Serratus Anterior (The Most Forgotten Core Muscle)

The serratus anterior is one of the most overlooked muscles of the body. Most of you reading likely don’t know what this muscle is. Not …

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