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Meet Shane Gonzales: OUR APRIL 2023 Winner

Age - 26

Occupation - Student


by: Jeremy Ethier - April 18, 2023

Shane, congratulations on becoming the first Built With Science transformation winner! Could you kindly share your unique fitness journey through the lens of your experience with Built With Science?

One day I took a picture and then I kind of realized how overweight I was. I didn’t like the way I looked. I didn’t have a lot of energy for activities that I used to do. That’s when I was like alright I wanna get back into the gym.
Before starting the Built With Science program I weighed around 220 pounds and I was about 30% body fat. Now I've lost about 50 pounds and my weight is close to 170 pounds.
I got somewhere between 10-15 % body fat. The Built With Science programs that I bought have a lot of educational stuff, especially for beginners.
I love how the programs break it down to a simple and easy approach. Jeremy and the entire Built With Science team, thank you to your program that y’all built over there.
I wouldn’t be in the best shape of my life without your entire team and your wonderful programs.

How would you advise an individual who wishes to enhance their fitness but is hesitant or overwhelmed by the prospect of beginning?

So with my transformation I have three pieces of advice that I can give to others that really changed my approach.

1: Customize Your Approach: Feeling dissatisfied with your meals or workouts? It's time for a change. Your fitness journey should be enjoyable, not miserable. If you dislike a specific exercise routine or find your meals unappetizing, switch things up. Remember, your path to success should be empowering, not daunting.

2: Gradual Nutrition Transformation: Learn from my experience - don't rush into a drastic nutrition overhaul. Instead, make changes gradually. Start by focusing on one meal at a time. Begin with breakfast, experimenting with three or four nutritious options you genuinely enjoy. Once you've mastered breakfast, move on to lunch and dinner. This approach ensures you're nurturing your body and mind, avoiding unnecessary struggles.

3: Master Your Form and Mind-Muscle Connection: As a beginner, prioritizing proper form during workouts is crucial. Build a strong foundation by concentrating on your form and developing a mind-muscle connection. This connection is the key to muscle growth and overall progress. Strive to find that perfect balance between pushing your limits and maintaining impeccable form. Your body will thank you.

Embarking on your fitness journey should be a rewarding adventure. Remember, these personalized steps are designed to guide you toward success, while making the process enjoyable and sustainable. Start your transformation with confidence, knowing that every small step leads to remarkable results.
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How You Can Be Next!

Shane is our very first winner in the Built With Science Transformation contest. Every month, we'll choose a new winner who will get supplements and a $1000 cash prize. If you want a chance to win or join our program with over 100,000 science-based believers like Shane, click the button below. You can change your life like Shane did and inspire many others!
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Thanks for reading Shane’s story!

Here’s Shane’s Testimonial Video From Our Interview!