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Jeremy Ethier

CEO & Founder of Built With Science

I'm Jeremy Ethier, a well-known fitness YouTuber with a passion for helping individuals transform their bodies and achieve their health goals. With over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and a strong presence across various social media platforms, I am dedicated to providing evidence-based fitness information that empowers people to look good and feel great.Credentials:

  • Bachelor's degree in Science, specializing in Kinesiology

  • NASM certified personal trainer

  • FMS certified (Functional Movement Systems)

  • PPSC certified (Postural Restoration Performance Specialist)

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned experts in the field of fitness and nutrition. Collaborations with esteemed researchers such as Bret Contreras, Dr. Stuart McGill, Eric Trexler, Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld, Dr. Bill Campbell and Layne Norton have further enriched my knowledge and helped me stay at the forefront of cutting-edge research. By incorporating their expertise into my content, I ensure that my audience receives accurate and up-to-date information.

My primary area of specialization lies in body composition research, specifically focusing on optimizing training and nutrition to lose fat and build lean muscle. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness, which considers individual differences and goals. By combining scientific principles with practical applications, I offer evidence-based strategies that deliver sustainable results.

When it comes to fitness information, trust is paramount. I strive to maintain the trust and confidence of my audience by prioritizing accuracy, transparency, and integrity in everything I do. I meticulously analyze research studies, critically evaluate scientific literature, and synthesize complex information into digestible, actionable content.

My commitment to evidence-based information ensures that the strategies and advice I provide are grounded in scientific rigor. I am dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and fitness, ultimately leading them towards success.

Join me on this journey to unlock your true potential, transform your body, and achieve a healthy, fulfilling life. Together, we can navigate the vast world of fitness, debunk myths, and create a sustainable approach to long-term health and wellness.

Remember, fitness is not just a destination—it's a lifelong journey. Let's embark on this journey together and make every step count!

Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier