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Meet Tamara Martens: Our December 2023 Winner

by Jeremy Ethier - December 29, 2023

Tamara's Story

Tamara is our December 2023 Built With Science transformation winner (the first female winner!), and we're thrilled to have had the chance to talk to her about her journey.

Here are the key snippets from our interview (note: lightly edited for length and clarity).

Tamara, what inspired you to start your fitness journey? Tell us the backstory.

I would always make a New Year’s resolution at the end of Christmas. And I would be like, “OK, I’m gonna get back on track and start a health and fitness journey.”

Then I’d do some research and find popular workout programs. But the thing with those was that I’d only last anywhere from, like, 2 weeks to maybe a month, maybe 2 months, max. And then I’d drop off. I either got bored or struggled with the diet. 

Nothing really stuck or clicked for me. Of course, I got really discouraged since I didn’t see any results.

But all that changed with the Built With Science program.

What’s different about Built With Science’s program?

I got to know of the Built With Science program because Jeremy’s YouTube videos would always show up on my suggested feeds. 

They were informational and made all the complicated fitness theories really easy to understand. So, I decided to give the program a try — and I’m so glad I did because it was the first program that truly brought nutrition and fitness together for me.

I also finally saw results.

Before the program, my weight always stayed the same. But once I started the program, I went from 159 pounds to 125 pounds.

I didn’t just lose weight, either. 

One of my greatest gains from the program was also my mentality: before, I always focused on dropping weight and looking a certain way. Thanks to the program and its emphasis on progressive overload, though, I started focusing on trying to lift more weight and improving my form.

Like, before, I could not do a full body weight push-up. I was always on my knees. 

Today? I’m up to 8. I could only do bodyweight squats, but now I’m up to 95 pounds now. It’s mindblowing. 

The program has also made a huge difference in my body image. 

I always had problem areas, like my thighs and my arms — I hated my arms. At work, even during summertime and I was so hot sitting in the office, I refused to take off my sweater ‘cause I just did not feel comfortable showing my arms.

And now, I can’t believe how different they look. I’m not embarrassed to take my sweater off at work anymore.

I’m very happy with my physical appearance currently, but I have to say it’s not entirely because of how I look but because I’m accepting my body, and I’m so proud of what it can do. I’m so grateful that I’m able to push myself in the gym.

So, yeah, my life has completely changed. Because of the Built With Science program.

Before And After Pictures

Tamara Martens transformation

Other Highlights From The Interview

What would you say to someone on the fence about starting the Built With Science program?

If you’re looking for something that actually works, I know from firsthand experience that Built With Science definitely works. 

The variety in this program is incredible. I started from day 1, and I thought that I’d get bored within 2 months, but nope. I’m still enjoying the split that I picked at the beginning. There’s also so much value in the nutrition information that’s taught in the program. 

It’s literally like having a personal trainer. 

You just pay this small fee, and you get a whole wealth of knowledge. Even better, you get the results that you want. 

So, if someone’s on the fence, I’d wholeheartedly tell them to just jump in. And if they needed someone to call them and make them do it, I’ll 100% be a cheerleader for the program. 

Like, I absolutely love it. 

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Thanks for reading Tamara’s story!

Here’s Tamara’s Testimonial Video From Our Interview!

Meet Tamara Martens: Our December 2023 Winner