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Meet Cosmin Papadopol: Our March 2024 Winner

by Jeremy Ethier - May 7, 2024

Cosmin's Story

Cosmin is our March 2024 Built With Science transformation winner, and we're thrilled to have had the chance to talk to him about his journey.

Here are the key snippets from our interview (note: lightly edited for length and clarity).

Cosmin, what inspired you to start your fitness journey? Tell us the backstory.

OK, so back in 2019 or 2020, I was just looking at Jeremy’s YouTube videos, and they’re really cool. They’re backed with all this information yet are simple and to the point. Exactly my style. 

So I bought the V1 program. But I’ll be really honest. I didn’t stick with it at all. 

I wasn’t exercising, and I wasn’t tracking my nutrition using the pocket coach. Now, fast-forward to April 2023. I was almost 100 kg. 

And I was like, “OK, I don’t care. This has to work. I gotta just stick to it.”

After a few weeks, I couldn’t believe that I just kept going and going and going. Of course, the results I saw helped, too.

What results have you seen from the Built With Science program?

I was around 30% body fat. Now I’m 15%-ish, somewhere around there. 

That said, I saw results way before I reached that body fat percentage. You know, I was taking weekly pictures, and I could see the clothes fitting better. I was also feeling better, and more confident.

I’m also motivating other people around me. When they see my transformation, they’re just like, “OK, I wanna do what you’re doing. Come on, teach me, show me this stuff!” And it’s a huge boost of confidence. It’s amazing. 

What do you love most about the BWS program?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. And let’s be real. When somebody’s trying to sell you something that doesn’t work, they’ll make it look way more complicated than it really is. 

But the Built With Science program doesn’t do that. It offers lots of information that’s really simple to understand. And it works.

Before And After Pictures

Cosmin transformation

Other Highlights From The Interview

What were the initial changes you made to your nutrition?

I tracked my nutrition with the pocket coach. So, just sticking to what it said. If it said 2,000 calories, I was sticking to that down to 1 calorie — I was not going above. 

When you set your mindset to that, then it just becomes easy. You’re not worrying, “OK, I’m gonna cheat, I’m gonna cheat.” It just becomes automatic. Like auto-pilot. 

I roughly knew what to eat as I had done a little bit of tracking before. 

What would you say to someone on the fence about starting the Built With Science program?

Man, just do it. 

Just start. It doesn’t matter if you fail. Doesn’t matter if you fall off the wagon once or a few times. Just keep doing it. And it’s impossible for it to not work. Trust me. Just trust the process, as Jeremy says. Believe me, it works. 

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Thanks for reading Cosmin’s story!

Meet Cosmin Papadopol: Our March 2024 Winner