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Meet Brian Degenhardt: Our November 2023 Winner

by Jeremy Ethier - December 5, 2023

Brian's Story

Brian is the November 2023 Built With Science transformation winner, and we're thrilled to have had the chance to talk to him about his journey.

Here are the key snippets from our interview (note: lightly edited for length and clarity).

Brian, what inspired you to start your fitness journey? Tell us the backstory.

Well, I run a crane for a living, so it’s pretty sedentary. I just sit down all day. 

As far as nutrition goes, I just ate junk food and drank soda, and I just got to a point where I hit 200 pounds on the scale. It was like that point of no return for me. It was like, I need to do something. 

So I started looking around, and I thought that if I did my research, I’d figure out how to do all this. 

You know, I’m not a dumb guy, but at the same time, I looked at what you had to offer and it’s like 50 bucks — which is like a couple hours’ worth of my time. 

And I honestly didn’t think I could do all the research that you had poured into this program in just a few hours. So, you know, that really made it justified for me to purchase it. And then it’s all condensed right there for you. 

You gave me the outline, and all I had to do was just follow the path.

When did you see results from the Built With Science program?

I didn’t immediately start going out to the gym.

During the first week or two, all I did was just nutrition. I was just trying to give myself those gradual baby steps. Once I started to get the nutrition down, I added the working out, I think 3 days a week, just using my home gym equipment.

Over time, I watched my strength going up as my form got better and you know, the weight came off. 

I think it was 5 pounds within the first week.

And overall, I went from 200 pounds to 161 pounds just before my first bodybuilding show.

I ended up placing first in true novice, first in novice, and second in the open.

It’s not all just physical, too. My wife tells me that, before, I was self-conscious, and now she tells me I can’t go outside without my shirt on. 

Also, before I started working out, my back used to always hurt from my posture sitting in the crane.

All the deadlifting and squatting I did worked the lower back muscles, and now, I have no pain in my back, and I can go out there and deadlift 400+ pounds. I feel so much better. It’s amazing.

Before And After Pictures

Brian Nov 2023 Before After

Other Highlights From The Interview

What made you sign up for your first show?

I originally wanted to get down to 12% for my birthday, which was in June. 

And I felt that I got really close, then I decided I finally wanted to start going to an actual gym, and I stopped by a personal training gym. I showed a guy my before and after pictures, and he was like, “You did that?” And I was like, “Yeah, you know, with the BWS program.”

Then, he went, “Man, you could have won this show the other week!”

So I was like, alright, well, let’s go do a show — we started training, and the show was 2 months from then. 

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the BWS program?

It was obviously life-changing for me. Hopefully, it can be for somebody else. 

I mean, for the cost of entry, yeah, you could probably figure out all this stuff yourself if you wanted to pour all the time that you have into it. Or you could pay the 50-100 bucks, whatever it is, which is probably a few hours’ worth of your time momentarily. And you’d get everything you need. 

I mean, it’s huge. Consider that.

How You Can Be Next

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Here’s Brian’s Testimonial Video From Our Interview!

Meet Brian Degenhardt: Our November 2023 Winner