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How To Get Taller In Just 5 Minutes (The Perfect Posture Routine)

by Jeremy Ethier - June 18, 2022

Here's a secret. You can increase your height — even if you're a fully grown adult. How? Well, that's what I'm about to show you. Find out how to get taller in just 5 minutes here.

Can we really grow taller with exercise? Yes! But here's a disclaimer. Anything we do will only reveal our natural height. Still, many people who have applied my past posture routines have noticed significant height improvements.

Here’s Alex and Abdullah, who both grew by 3 centimeters.

Alex and Abdullah height increase testimonial

Here’s Aljoshca, whose parents even noticed his height increase.

Alijoshca height increase testimonial

And here’s Gautam, who instantly gained 1 and a half inches after doing the exercises.

Gautam height increase testimonial

How does this work? Well, many of us sit for most of the day. And when we do, we sit like this at work. Or like this when driving. Even when we’re eating!


Over time our bodies will learn to become extremely efficient sitters and lock us up in a hunched-over, head-forward position. Beyond simply reducing our height, this also creates feelings of stiffness and negatively impacts our mobility.

How your posture affects your height

There is, however, a 5-minute solution (a combination of stretches and exercises) that can help you grow taller:

  • Improve your posture
  • Undo the "damaged" of prolonged sitting AND
  • Maybe even give you an extra inch or two of height as a bonus

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Understanding The Science Behind The 5-Minute Posture Routine

Before diving into the specifics of how to get taller, first, let’s do a quick overview of the routine. This helps you understand the science behind it.

If we look at the most common sitting posture, you can see how certain joints get locked up in poor positions. To improve our posture and relieve stiffness, we want to look for exercises that not only move these joints in the opposite way, but also strengthen the weakened muscles needed to keep the joints in the proper position for good.

For example, if our head is stuck forward in extension most of the time, we’ll benefit from an exercise that reverses this motion and trains the deep neck flexors that pull the head back. We’ll apply this concept to the three most common problem areas that affect your height the most — the back, the shoulders, and the neck.

How To Get Taller By Focusing On Your Back

Let’s start by focusing on your back.

Exercise 1: Thoracic Rotations

The first exercise will help improve your ability to rotate your mid-back. Based on how you sit, you may be stiffer higher up in your back or lower in your back. I’ll show you how to adjust your form to find your most problematic area.

Here's how to get taller with the thoracic rotations:

  • First, get on all fours and sit your hips back towards your heels.
  • Place one hand extended out in front of you and the other held behind your neck.
  • Then, bring your elbow down towards the floor, and while following your elbow with your eyes, rotate your elbow up towards the ceiling as far as you can.
  • Exhale as you rotate your elbow up and push down into the floor with your planted hand.
  • Hold the top position briefly.
  • Then come back down for more reps before moving to the next side.
  • Over time, try to rotate your elbow further and further.

How to get taller with thoracic rotations

Now, the closer your butt is to your heels, the lower in your spine you’ll feel the movement. So first try it with your hips on your heels like we just did, but then try it with your knees semi-flexed and then your knees at 90 degrees to work higher and higher on your back. You’ll want to focus on the area that feels the tightest.

As for how many reps and sets to do? Don’t worry, we’ll be going over the full "How To Get Taller 5-Minute Routine" at the end of the article. So, for now, just focus on the form.

Exercise 2: Cobra Pose

Next, we will focus on extending your back out of its rounded position and strengthening some of your back muscles. This exercise is a great option to do so because if you go joint by joint, the entire body is almost completely reversed in this stretch position when compared to a typical sitting posture. But it’s important that you pay close attention to form to avoid aggravating your back.

Here's how to get taller with the cobra pose:

  • Lay on your stomach with your feet about hip-width apart.
  • Point your toes down and place your hands by your sides positioned directly under your shoulders.
  • Next, contract your quads so that your knees are off the ground and bring your shoulder blades down and back.
  • From here, think about bringing your upper body forward and up by using your mid-back muscles.
  • Try to get at least your chest off the floor but go up only as far as is comfortable for you and without any pain.
  • Hold that top position for a second or two, and then come back down.

Cobra pose

Note that you are not muscling your way up by pushing your arms. Your arms are simply there for stability. When done properly, you should feel the muscles in your mid and low back activating to lift your upper body. Over time try to extend higher and higher.

Now guys, before we move to the shoulders, I want to emphasize that while these exercises may look easy when I do them, it took me a long time to improve my mobility to get to this point.

Many of you will find them quite challenging when you try them, so don’t worry if your form doesn’t look like mine yet. To help put this into perspective, here are a few people from our office giving these two exercises a shot.

Posture exercises are hard for most people

How To Get Taller By Focusing On Your Shoulders

Alright, so now that we’ve unlocked the spine, we’ll be better able to work on your stiff shoulders that are rounding you forward into a locked-up position and also contributing to your forward head posture.

Exercise 3: Over-And Backs

The first exercise will focus on loosening up the shoulders.

Here's how to get taller with over-and-backs:

  • Grab a band, towel, or broomstick and hold it with a wider overhand grip.
  • Pull your hands apart to create tension, and then raise the band or stick over and behind your back as if you were making a big circle.
  • Try to go as far back as you can comfortably, and aim to go lower and lower to make a bigger circle over time.
  • Avoid arching your low back and keep your core braced.
  • Once that becomes easy, you can make it harder by using a narrower grip.

Over and backs

Exercise 4: Reverse Wall Angels

Now that we’ve temporarily loosened our shoulders up, we’ll be able to better target your weakened back and shoulder muscles. To do so, we’ll use what I call reverse wall angels.

Here's how to get taller with reverse wall angels:

  • Kneel in front of a wall with your knees, chest, and forehead in contact with the wall.
  • Brace your core and then while keeping your arms straight, move them in a big circle overhead as high as you can, and then back down.

Reverse wall angels

As you do so, try to keep your arms and hands a couple of inches away from the wall, and think about pushing your arms out away from you to better engage your back muscles.

Avoid leaning back and arching your low back. Instead, keep your back straight, the only movement should come from your arms.

When done properly, you should feel this in your mid-back and shoulder muscles. If you feel this more in your upper traps, try performing it on the floor or on a bench, as your mid-back muscles may not yet be strong enough to perform this upright.

If, on the other hand you find it easy, you can add pulses to each part of the movement and even add a bit of weight to your hands.

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How To Grow Taller By Focusing On Your Neck

Finally, we’re ready for the last piece of the puzzle, the neck. Nerd neck, forward head posture, whatever you want to call it — is extremely common nowadays.

Researchers in a 2020 cross-sectional study took 200 University students and assessed their craniovertebral angle, typically the angle used to assess forward head posture. They found that 146 of the 200 students exhibited a craniovertebral angle smaller than 53 degrees, which the researchers used as the criteria for testing positive for forward head posture.

Odds are you have some degree of this as well. In fact, your head is probably sticking out right now watching this article. And I bet you probably just corrected yourself as well.

That’s great, but to fix this for good, what we need to do is pretty simple. We just need to strengthen the deep muscles in your neck that have become weak and are failing to do their job of keeping your head in its upright position.

In a 2021 review, every study that focused on strengthening these deep neck muscles helped the participants reverse their forward head posture.

As for the strengthening exercise we’ll use, while it may not look pretty, it’s extremely effective and can be done anywhere.

Exercise 5: Chin Tucks

Here's how to get taller with chin tucks: sit down on a chair and pull your chin straight back while gazing straight forward. That's it! Well, okay, there are a few things to note:

  • You’re not trying to jam your head as far back as you can, it’s a very small motion of only a few inches.
  • As you perform it, ensure you aren’t leaning back or tilting your head upwards.
  • Your head should move in a straight line directly back.
  • You can also perform these against a wall to prevent you from cheating and to have a goal of touching the back of your head against the wall.

How to get taller with chin tucks

Try to hold the end position for 1 second. Once that becomes easy, you can add a chin tuck to the end position by tucking your chin down as if you were trying to give yourself a double chin and holding that for a second or two before returning to the start position.

When done properly, you should feel the deep muscles under your chin working.

A Complete Run-Down Of The "How To Get Taller 5-Minute Posture Routine"

Now that we’ve gone through the "How To Get Taller 5-Minute Posture Routine" exercises, let’s cover how to implement them for the best results. You’re going to do each exercise for 1 minute.

Within that minute, take it slow and try doing as many quality reps as possible. Quality is more important than quantity.


Exercise 1: Thoracic Rotations (30s per side)

Exercise 2: Cobra Pose (1 minute)


Exercise 3: Over-And-Backs (1 minute)

Exercise 4: Reverse Wall Angels (1 minute)


Exercise 5: Chin Tucks (1 minute)

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How to get taller 5-minute routine PDF cover

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Implement this 1-2 times a day, make an effort to get up and move more, and you’ll very quickly feel and see a difference. Don’t forget to measure your height before and after as well.

By the way: don't worry if you don't see a height increase even after implementing the "How To Get Taller 5-Minute Posture Routine". Embrace your height, ignore anyone who puts you down about it, and enjoy the many other benefits this routine has to offer.

Now this routine does heavily focus on the upper body. Odds are, most of you have tight hips as well as glutes that could use some awakening from all your sitting.

So here’s a past article that'll help work on your hips: 10-Min Corrective Routine To Fix Your Uneven Hips

... and here’s another past article to help work on your glutes: How To Activate Your Glutes

And if you want to take things a step further to look and feel great, you can check out my step-by-step programs over at builtwithscience.com. Thanks so much for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see ya next time!

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By the way, here’s the article summed up into a YouTube video:

The PERFECT 5 Minute Posture Routine To Increase Your Height

How To Get Taller In Just 5 Minutes (The Perfect Posture Routine)