Built with Science

My name is Jeremy Ethier. I’m a Kinesiologist and an NASM, FMS (functional movement screen) certified trainer.

I created ‘Built with Science’ in an effort to ‘optimize’ training with methods that are proven and shown through scientific literature to be the most effective way to train. If you’re going to invest hours of your time into training and nutrition, wouldn’t it make sense to do so in the most effective way? I think so.

My Journey

My obsession for finding an evidence-based, objective approach to working out began ever since I was a kid. As a child I wanted to achieve the aesthetic physiques that I’d see in magazines and Hollywood blockbusters. I remember thinking that if I just do enough pushups or workout hard enough then eventually I’d get there.Gradually I learned that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I learned the harsh reality that most of the physiques I’d been admiring were achievable only because of the use of performance-enhancing drugs. And those who didn’t use drugs often had elite genetics that enabled them to achieve amazing physiques at a young age quite easily. Unfortunately for me, and similarly for many of you out there, I was not blessed with amazing genetics and I refuse to use any drugs to “cheat” my way there. I’ve always had an extremely skinny physique which made it very difficult for me to put on any weight.

jeremy ethier online coaching But I didn’t let this stop me. With years of trial-and-error and personal research I’ve learned exactly what works best and what doesn’t work in terms of building muscle and losing fat. I’ve learned how to achieve my dream physique without the use of drugs, and I’ve helped countless others achieve their dream physique with the same methodology. I’ve also learned that you can’t take advice from just anyone. Just because someone has the physique that you want doesn’t mean they’ll be able to help you achieve it. If someone’s Instagram page consists of them posting half-naked selfies trying to sell you their programs while providing little to no actual value, then they’re likely not the best trainer for you! And you’d be surprised at how many guys out there are taking performance-enhancing drugs yet lying about it, meaning that you absolutely cannot follow their training methodology and expect to achieve the same results without the use of drugs! And the same idea applies to those with elite genetics – these individuals will adapt and grow to pretty much any stimulus which has been proven time and time again in the research!

The Built With Science approach

My goal with Built with Science is to bring a more scientific and research-backed approach to the fitness industry and weed out the BS and “bro-science” that the industry is full of at the moment. The way I train is based on countless hours of research of peer-reviewed studies and trial-and-error.  The methodology and workouts discussed in my blog are what I personally use in my training regimen is the most optimal way to train for natural lifters. I now understand EXACTLY what it takes to bring your physique to the next level. And what I mean by bring your physique to the next level is putting that extra 10-20lbs of muscle on your body, or finally getting to sub-10% body fat. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but if you follow a strategic research-backed approach and are consistent with it, then you will get there. Trust me.