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Greg transformation before and after

Meet Greg Reid: Our May 2023 Winner

by Jeremy Ethier - May 30, 2023

Greg's Story

Greg is the May 2023 Built With Science transformation winner, and we're thrilled to have had the chance to talk to him about his journey.

Here are the key snippets from our interview (note: lightly edited for length and clarity).

Greg, what inspired you to start your fitness journey? Tell us the backstory.

I grew up playing lacrosse and doing martial arts, so I was pretty fit most of my life until I got into my 30s and had kids.

And then the whole middle-aged thing kicked in and got me pretty far out of shape.

My job didn't help, too. I work as a white-collar manager in an office, where most of it is sit-down work, so I don't get any exercise during the day.

So, I remember clearly it was the day after the Super Bowl.

I'd hosted a party the previous day, overate, and woke up at 4.30 a.m. to go to work. And I had to try on about 3 pairs of pants to find 1 that would fit — and even that was tight.

Something in my head just clicked that day.

I knew I needed to change and had to start going in the other direction.

What did you do after? And how did you realize Built With Science was The One for you?

In the beginning, I didn't follow any program.

I just stopped with the excess eating and started doing some pushups, sit-ups, and about 15 or 20 minutes on an old elliptical trainer in my basement.

But I ended up doing so many pushups that I developed tendonitis in my shoulder and got completely out of balance with no back muscles.

From there, I dabbled in a few other strength training programs, but Built With Science was the one that really captured me.

When I started on it, I was 6 weeks away from a beach trip to Jamaica.

But I still had the love handles and a little bit of belly fat in the front. Thanks to the program, I was able to drop about 3% of body fat and go on my trip with my first sort of six-pack.

Of course, it definitely helps that it's ridiculously easy to follow the program.

I'm excited to go home to do my workout. I feel good. I feel strong. I wake up in the morning ready to go.

Before And After Pictures

Greg transformation before and after

Other Highlights From The Interview

How do you deal with "bad" days?

I've had days where I'm tired and I'll tell my wife, "Hey, that was a pretty crummy workout." But, you know, I just kind of made my way through.

As for the diet side of things? The program has equipped me with the skills to eyeball portion sizes, plan my food choices ahead of time, and essentially manage my calorie intake even on "cheat" or "bad" days, so I don't have to worry about killing my progress.

What would you say to people near your age or older than you who'd like to start on their fitness journeys?

I think it's just to follow the Built With Science program. Trust it and stay consistent.

Results will take time. Mine wasn't overnight, and nobody else's will be overnight, either. But if you stick with the program, I think it's absolutely guaranteed that results will come if you give it time.

And what would you say to someone who's on the fence with starting a Built With Science program?

Go for it. You never know. You might just get addicted to fitness and love it. And it'll make you feel good. Proud.

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Thanks for reading Greg’s story!

Here’s Greg’s Testimonial Video From Our Interview!

Meet Greg Reid: Our May 2023 Winner