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Based On Your Answers—Here Is Your Custom Science-Based
Solution To Reach Your Goal Physique:

The Intermediate SHRED Program

Will Help If You’re Struggling With A
Skinny Fat Physique And Want To…

Lean Down…
Shred Excess Body Fat…

And Reveal Muscle Definition…

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Dear Reader,
  • Based on your answers to the Science Based Quiz… I’ve found a solution for you…
  • That’ll make your body troubles disappear…
  • By burning body fat while building muscle and finally getting rid of a skinny-fat body you hate… and revealing a truly impressive physique instead…
  • But before I get to your solution… I want you to know I understand what you’re going through…
  • Right now you’ve been training for a decent amount of time… but your body isn’t filling out in the right places.
  • You feel like you’ve been cursed with being skinny-fat… because the parts of your body you wish were muscular are small… and the parts of your physique you wish were small are chubby.
  • Sure, you’ve seen some improvement in your physique since you started training… but you aren’t seeing the results you want…
  • … and it feels like it’s taken forever to get where you are today.
  • If that’s you… then keep reading…
  • Because scientific studies and surveys agree…

The “Perfect Male Body”Exists…
And You Can Get It Starting Today.

It’s called the Fibonacci ratio…

And I’ll tell you more about how to get it in a second… But first…

Take a look at how men just like you are transforming their body in weeks, almost to the point of being unrecognizable using this science-backed formula…

The 7 KEY MUSCLE Groups That Make Up The Fibonacci Ratio
  • The problem with most workouts is it won’t get you anywhere near the Fibonacci ratio… In fact…
  • Most “bro splits” or workout routines in bodybuilding magazines will take you far from it…
  • But on this page I’m going to simplify the path to your dream body. And show you how to use just 6 specific exercises… that I call the Fibonacci Complex

To Get The Scientifically Proven
“Ultimate Male Physique”…

But before I reveal it to you… Let me introduce myself…

Hi, My name’s Jeremy Either…

You’ve probably seen my science-based fitness videos on my YouTube channel Built With Science

… that has over 1-million strong subscribers to date.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping guys like you, who are frustrated with your body… achieve your dream physique.

Which is why I’ve created the most complete science-based fitness program on the planet

That’s proven with over 100 research papers and studies to give you the Fibonacci Ratio. So you can just “plug n’ play”

And get the ultimate male body faster than you ever dreamed possible…


The Intermediate SHRED Workout Program

The Only In-Depth Science Based Fitness Program Created With
More Than 100 Scientific Studies To Help Achieve The Fibonacci Ratio—
The Scientifically Proven Perfect Male Physique—
Faster Than You Ever Could Without It…

See What Intermediate SHRED Has Done For Guys Just Like You!

Inside Intermediate SHRED You’ll Also Get…

High Definition Video Tutorials

Inside Intermediate SHRED I’ve created high definition video tutorials…

so you have step by step visual instructions for how to complete each move in the Fibonacci ratio to perfection

With over 70 minutes of in-depth video footage which you can access from your iPhone and take with you to the gym.

These real time how-to tutorial videos make it easy to dominate each exercise…

And give you clear, colorful and precise graphics for which muscles you should be working during every exercise…

So you can activate them with ease.

These video tutorials are just like the ones on my Built With Science YouTube channel… except more in-depth and even easier to follow.

Intermediate SHRED Nutrition Plan

Inside the Intermediate SHRED Nutrition Plan you’ll get access to The Ultimate Nutrition Spreadsheet…

An interactive tool I’ve created just for youthat makes it simple to track your macros and calories…

Plus… It’s complete with an evidence-based algorithm that adjusts weekly and updates your target macros for you

My current clients rave about this tool because of how simple it is to use… and how well it keeps them on track. It couldn’t get any easier!

Inside You’ll Also Get:

  • The #1 reason why people fail to see results in the gym (no matter how long you’ve been training or how much weight you can lift)… this is the “Achilles heel” of achieving your dream physique…
  • A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found if you hit this certain number of meals per day you’ll release anabolic chemicals into your muscles 24/7… Check out the “Diet Hacks” module of section 1 to find the “magic number.”
  • Stuff your favorite “guilty pleasure” foods into this one meal… and instead of storing as fat… it’ll fuel muscle growth! (according to a study from the University of Texas.)
  • And so much more!

Intermediate SHRED High Definition Training Modules

Bring the Intermediate SHRED workout guides to life! Using these high definition training modules…

Backed by more than 100 research papers that support every exercise, rep scheme, rest period, and more!

Inside You’ll Also Get:

  • The scientific reason why typical “bro splits” DON’T WORK! A study published in Sports Medicine found if you train each muscle group a certain number of times per week (hidden within the Fibonacci Complex) you’ll automatically boost muscle and strength…
  • BETTER THAN BICEP CURLS! There’s a certain exercise that stimulates type II muscle fibers in your biceps for thicker, wider guns that look great in a tank top… (confirmed by a study from the University of Michigan.)
  • Why you should never… ever… train to failure! (not only will this method kill your progress, but a study from Frontiers in Physiology found a “glitch” in the “failure” philosophy.)
  • And so much more!
Neuromuscular Activation Tutorials

Did you know that by simply recruiting your mind during your workouts you’ll skyrocket your results in the gym?

It takes no extra effort… even less energy than you’re using to read this page! But will accelerate fat loss and muscle gain…

It’s really as honest and easy as that…

Yet most guys have no clue how to tap into this extra force that’ll make achieving the Fibonacci Ratio easier than ever.

But with the Neuromuscular Activation Tutorials you’ll learn how to use your brain to build muscle…

Inside you’ll find…
  • A study published in the European Journal of Sports Science found if you do THIS one mind-muscle connection move every time you step inside the gym, you can increase bicep size by 13%!
  • Research from the Cleveland Clinic found if you do this one “imagination hack” you can increase muscle size and boost strength by 35%!
  • How to “think” your way to a lean and ripped physique7x Mr. Olympia bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger swears this tactic gave him an extra edge over all his competition… and it’s so easy you can do it without lifting a finger!
  • And so much more!
C3 Method

The key to achieving your dream body is learning how to get “unstuck” as fast as possible when you hit a training or fat loss plateau… and how to avoid them altogether!

With the C3 Method you’ll NEVER get stuck again…

… because this module is complete with strategies for how to turn even the most frustrating plateau into a launching pad for more gains.

Bulletproof Body Prehab Routine

Inside the Bulletproof Body Prehab Routine you’ll get step-by-step visual instructions for how to warm up your body the right way

Plus… the prehab routine targets and strengthens 3 primary muscle groups

… that are the most common cause of knee pain, lower back pain and shoulder pain when underdeveloped…

So nothing slows you down on the path to the Fibonacci physique.

Access To The Private Shred Facebook Group

When you sign up for the Intermediate SHRED you’ll gain instant access to the private Facebook group…

Where you’ll lock arms with myself and others in the Shred program… and encourage, challenge and help one another achieve a life-changing physique.

You never have to worry about going at it alone… When you make Intermediate SHRED yours today… We’re in this together!

But That’s Not All I Have For You Today!

5 Bonus Modules ($115 Value)

Weekly Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

Inside the Weekly Fat Loss Cheat Sheet you’ll get a blueprint for how to lose even the most stubborn body fat…

… at the fastest rate possible…

What’s even better is there’s nothing strenuous about it… just follow what I’ve laid out for you and you’ll see HUGE changes in the mirror…

And will have no problem crafting a body you’re itching to show off!

$19 Value FREE!

Daily Mobility Routine

Inside the Daily Mobility Routine you’ll learn how to achieve the best range of motion for each of the exercises in the Fibonacci Complex…

Plus, this routine will “straighten up” your posture… so you don’t have a “hunchback” or “forward head tilt”…

Each move in this module will help you boost strength and protect you from muscle imbalances that cause your body harm

So you can be “at the top of your game” every time you train.

$29 Value FREE!

Sample Shred Meal Plans

Inside the Sample Shred Meal Plans bonus module you’ll get a complete meal breakdown from morning to evening…

… featuring meal ingredients, meal timing and macro counts that make getting lean look easy.

And if you don’t want to be tied down to a meal plan… this is just the type of blueprint you need to create the optimal day of eating.

$10 Value FREE!
3 Day Alternative Split Workouts

This exclusive bonus module is only for guys in Intermediate SHRED who need a workout plan that consists of 3 days instead of 5.

With 3 Day Alternative Split Workouts you’ll get the entire Phase II workout plan remodeled just for you

So it fits neatly into your schedule… even if you can only make it to the gym 3 days per week.

$45 Value FREE!
Alcohol Guidelines

Most nutrition programs out there will tell you to quit drinking alcohol if you want the best results…

But instead of doing that… I’m going to do something better for you… and show you how to enjoy a night out with the boys or a few drinks with your partner and still achieve the perfect male body.

After all… what’s the point of having a great physique if you can’t enjoy yourself?

$12 Value FREE!

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Yes! I Want To Get The Scientifically Proven Perfect Male Physique Starting TODAY! 

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m not happy unless you see the results you want in the mirror…
And that’s why when you purchase the Intermediate SHRED program right now,you’re backed with my 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t lose fat, build muscle and feel confident then I don’t deserve your investment…

And you have my word that you’ll get every penny of your money back… no questions asked.

You have absolutely zero-risk when you purchase this program bundle today.

Take my signature below as an agreement between you and me that I’ll come through on my every word to you today.

See What More Guys Just Like You
Are Saying About Intermediate SHRED

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Program Today For Just $49

Yes! I Want To Get The Scientifically Proven Perfect
Male Physique Starting TODAY!

Your friend and coach,

P.S. If you want to get the scientifically proven perfect male body in just weeks using an easy to follow plan… what are you waiting for? Everything you need to burn fat and build rock hard muscle fast is laid out for you inside and is amazingly simple to follow. Plus I’ve included HD videos and colorful step-by-step execution pictures so there’s no guesswork or homework. All you need to achieve the Fibonacci Ratio is at your fingertips. Press the “Click Here For Instant Access” button above and enjoy your new physique!

P.P.S. Remember, you’re backed with my 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Meaning you have a full year to try Intermediate SHRED… If it doesn’t deliver on everything I’ve promised today, you’ll get every penny of your money back. Plus, because it’s a full one-year guarantee, you can buy the program now and give it a shot whenever is most convenient for you. So don’t wait any longer. At the very least, buy now and decide later…

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

It all depends on how closely you stick to the program. If you follow what I’ve laid out for inside the program and modules, you should start seeing your body composition (fat to muscle ratio) improve within the first 7 days of starting the program. If you stay consistent, you’ll see a complete body transformation in as little as 2 months

To see the best results with Intermediate SHRED, you’ll need access to a gym. In each phase, you’ll use weights, dumbbells, benches, and some machines and cables.

However, the program does come with exercise alternatives ranked from the best to the worst for each exercise. So if you use a home gym, for instance, or basic equipment, you can still see great results.

The program has no set start or end time. It isn’t a typical 6 or 12 week style program. After you purchase, you have lifetime access to the course and everything that comes with it. You can use this program for as long as you’d like.

With that said, if you stick to the program, you’ll see an entire physique upgrade in as little as a few weeks.

Yes. I’ve created Intermediate SHRED so that any guy can get his dream physique. You only need to have access to a gym 5 days per week (the recreation center at your university should work), and dial in your nutrition with The Ultimate Nutrition Spreadsheet and MyFitnessPal App to track your macros and progress. Do this and you’ll have no problem getting the best physique on campus.

Yes. Intermediate SHRED is based around the most effective exercises for burning fat and building muscle at the same time. Not only are these exercises the best for getting a fit body, but they’ve also been scientifically proven to boost your testosterone levels—which start declining after 30 years old. In other words, Intermediate SHRED won’t only work for you… They’re actually the very best fitness option for you. Here are a couple of men over 50 who have great transformations.

Once you click the “Click Here For Instant Access” button you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you’ll purchase the program.

Once you do, you’ll get an email within 10 seconds where you’ll gain access to the entire Intermediate SHRED program.

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