Built with Science


Here are some (of many) of the most recent transformations of those on the Built With Science programs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing inspiring posts like these on a regular basis. But it’s simple – when you use a program that’s backed by science AND optimized based on your starting point, you’re going to see results that much faster. Shoutout to the #BWSquad!

Mattie Barker - BWS Member

Mattie joined the #BuiltWithScience program with the main goal of burning off his excess fat WHILE adding muscle mass in the process. And in just 8 weeks of his program, he accomplished just that. Not only did he get leaner and strip off his stubborn fat, but he ALSO managed to gain strength and muscle in the process. This is what enabled him to look full and strong despite actually weighing ~7lbs less after 8 weeks.

Chris Lawrence - BWS Member

Before joining the #BuiltWithScience program, Chris already had a decent amount of muscle mass and some muscle definition. What he struggled with though was getting rid of that last bit of fat needed to really take his physique to the next level. However, after just 5 weeks of his program, Chris was able to completely change his physique and managed to drop from around 13% body fat to 8% body fat - which is insane! You can clearly see how much his abdominal definition and overall muscle tone improved in a matter of weeks - which just goes to show you that when you work smart, you'll see results that much quicker.

Felix Hay - BWS Member

Before joining the #BuiltWithScience programs, Felix was unhappy with the way he looked yet didn't know how to approach his training or nutrition in order to drop body fat while adding size and strength. But in just a few months of the program, Felix was able to see his body quickly change as a result of the various nutrition and workout adjustments he implemented. He's not only now leaner than he's ever been before, but he's also gained a significant amount of strength and muscle in the process.

Josh West - BWS Member

Josh, like many others, had always struggled with the "skinny fat" body type. Despite working out regularly and staying active, he was never able to get rid of his excess body fat and reveal his muscle definition. But in just a few months after implementing the workouts and nutrition guide from his #BuiltWithScience program, Josh was able to completely transform his physique from "skinny fat" to lean, muscular, and aesthetic.

Curtis Washington - BWS Member

In just 12 weeks Curtis was able to drop his body fat from ~20% to just below 10%... And well, here's what he had to say to me about the program:

"Hey Jeremy!

I think i started at around 20% body fat and I think i’m somewhere between 9 & 10% now but I’m not sure how reliable my scale is. Your program has really been a game changer for me. When I started, I was 45 and performing a hodgepodge of weights and (mostly) cardio each week. I never felt like I was making any major progress physique-wise and I was routinely getting injured. Now, I’m 46, feel great and I like who I see in the mirror for the first time in over 20 years. Would you believe I now have a talent agent who is actively trying to find me roles as a fitness model?

Not sure if you hear this enough, but your program is significantly improving lives, my friend! 🙂

- Curtis"

Simon Thomas - BWS Member

Simon had been struggling with fat loss plateaus that prevented him from reaching his lifelong goal of getting under 15% body fat. But after just 3 months of using his #BuiltWithScience program and the proven strategies within it, Simon was finally able to successfully lean down below 15% body fat AND build a considerable amount of muscle and strength in the process.

Baillie Ross - BWS Member

Baillie had been struggling with a "skinny fat" physique and couldn't get rid of his excess fat no matter regardless of how hard he'd train or how strict he'd watch his diet. It wasn't until he decided to take action and joined the #BuiltWithScience program that he started to see his body transform. After just 4 months of his program, Baillie was able to lean down and get rid of his excess stubborn fat while building muscle and strength in the process. Congrats Baillie!

Thiago Temple - BWS Member

"I had to buy new pants this past weekend." 🙂

Ryzan Malabuyoc - BWS Member

After messing around with various programs and protocols he found online, Ryzan finally decided to take action and enrol himself into the #BuiltWithScience program. And just weeks after joining, he's now leaner, bigger, and stronger than he's ever been before.

Lauren Bartke - BWS Member

Yep - even ladies are killing it with the #BuiltWithScience programs. Lauren crushed it and managed to drop her body fat by 5.7% WHILE gaining 5lbs of lean muscle mass in the process.... And in just 8 weeks!