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I Just Purchased The Intermediate Shred Program, Why Do I Need The SHRED Specialization Now?
The Intermediate Shred program you just purchased will allow you to lose fat across your entire body in the most effective way possible.

However, after you've shed down the fat and your muscles have become more defined, you’ll likely notice that there are one or two "stubborn" muscle groups that have lagged behind.

Or, that there are just some muscle groups, such as the arms, that you’d like to develop even further.

That's exactly where our SHRED Specialization Bundle comes into play.

The SHRED Specialization Bundle consists of five different 8-week specializations that will allow you to target underdeveloped muscle groups and improve any muscle imbalances in your physique…

…without having to sacrifice the growth of any other muscle groups.
Here's Exactly What You’ll Get When You Take Advantage Of This SHRED Specialization Bundle Today:
✔8-Week Chest Specialization Phase
Designed to add more mass to the chest in order to create a “fuller” and more balanced chest that compliments your upper body.

✔8-Week Arm Specialization Phase
Designed to add more mass to the biceps and triceps in order to create “fuller” and more proportionate looking arms.

✔8-Week Shoulder Specialization Phase
Designed to help you build broad shoulders that “pop”.

✔8-Week Back Specialization Phase
Designed to add more thickness and width to the back so your midsection v-tapers down into your waist.

✔8-Week Leg Specialization Phase
Designed to add more overall mass and proportion to the legs that compliment your upper body.

✔Step-By-Step Exercise Tutorials
So you can have full confidence that you're activating the right muscles and preventing yourself from injury.
Here’s How It Works!

1.) Choose the muscle group you want to grow the most (e.g. chest).

2.) Follow the corresponding 8-week specialization routine (e.g. chest specialization phase) and watch your muscles grow.

3.) Once you’ve completed the specialization phase, you can decide to re-run it if you wish to further target the muscle group or choose another muscle to develop.

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