I made a cookbook for people who want to eat big delicious meals and lose fat

I'm releasing it soon. To learn more and get a big free gift on release day, sign up for the Early Bird List.

If you eat the recipes in my cookbook, you'll likely. . .

Never Crave Food Again because my book lets you eat the food you crave every day.
Eat More because everything you'll eat will have fewer calories.
Love The Flavor without really noticing the lower calories because of what I did to the ingredients

It's taken close to a year to make.

It's just about done.

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What's in my cookbook?

You’ll recognize the recipes and flavor, but not the calories or ingredients

My cookbook doesn’t have “fancy”, hard-to-make recipes.  

Instead you’ll find “classic” recipes that I’ve recreated with "different" ingredients.

These ingredients decrease fat, increase protein, & portion sizes, but keep taste. . . relatively the same.

Imagine eating a cheesecake with 1/4 the calories of normal cheesecake that somehow. . . tastes just as good as normal cheesecake.

I've done that kind of thing everywhere — inside every recipe.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks — all delicious, nourishing, big, and unbelievably low in calories.

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