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IF You’re Still Struggling To Build Muscle, Burn Fat And Get That Perfect Transformation You Always Wanted… With or Without a Gym….

Learn How This Science-Based 1-on-1 Help Could Be The Missing Link..

Yes-I’m Interested Transforming My Body. I Want More Info!

Hey Guys,

If you’re here, you’ve most likely watched my YouTube videos or followed a workout program, tried spend hours at the gym, and dozens of different supplements…yet you still aren’t seeing the results you
were hoping for…

You may have even used one of our BWS programs yet figured you need something more hands-on and personalized to you specifically.

Then keep reading. This is the most important page on the internet for you.

The past year, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create the perfect solution to the messages I’ve been receiving, some of which you can probably relate to:

“Jeremy, I love the program, I’ve learned a lot and gotten results but I’m also feeling overwhelmed…I’d love to get more hands-on coaching from an expert that understands my situation better than I do.”

Or…“How do I stay motivated? I did great for the first couple of weeks… but I’ve started to slack off”

Or…“I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the different information out there. I just want an expert that I can trust to take all the thinking away for me and guide me every step of the way.”

So that’s when we realized that what a lot of people REALLY need is a personal, science-based team in their corner.

More specifically, what YOU need is an expert who can do just 2 things for you but does them extremely well:

1. Experts who understand your specific problems, lifestyle, genetics, goals, and preferences and is then able to craft a personalized workout and nutrition plan optimized just for you so that you actually enjoy doing it week after week.

And more importantly,

2. Accountability from experts who knows you better than you know yourself and as a result can ensure you stay on track and make the right adjustments to your plan to truly shortcut your transformation process.

And THAT is exactly what I want to provide you with today, and I’m honestly just super excited to share it with you.

Let me explain.

So for months what I’ve done is vetted out the best of the best science-based coaches and dietitians I could find across the world… Out of the (I’m not kidding when I say this) 3210 applications… Only 5 trainers and a handful of licensed dietitians made it through my extensive qualification requirements to become certified BWS coaches.

That’s less than .5% of applicants being accepted.

I think even Harvard has a higher acceptance rate….

Just take a look at the Bios of some of our coaches:

Coach Michael McConnell

Certification & Accomplishment:

  • 8 Years of Training & Nutrition Experience
  • National Level Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Top 5 at Arnold Classic Amateur 2019
  • 6x Overall Bodybuilding Champion


  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Mobilety & Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning

Coach Andrew Kusovschi

Certification & Accomplishment:

  • ISSA-Certified Personal Trainer
  • PCDI Nutrition, Diet & Health Science Diploma
  • Level 1 FMS Certification
  • Tier 3 Equinox Trainer (160+ Hours of Equinox Institute Training)
  • 1 Year of Group Fitness Training


  • Weight Loss Transformations
  • Nutrition
  • Mobilety
  • Muscle Building

And the reason for this extensive application process?

Well yeah, you all know how detailed and quality focused I am.

I wanted to stop at nothing to bring you guys the absolute BEST Science-Based Coaching out there.

I also just know that these coaches really are the missing link to that extra level of motivation,
customization, optimization, and results you’ve all been searching for.

And THAT is why I’ve decided to create an official Built With Science 1-on-1 coaching program.

A coaching program where instead of waking up miserable, you wake up excited for the day and workouts ahead.

A coaching program where instead of being overwhelmed by all the thousands of choices you need to make, you just follow and trust the plan that’s laid out for you.

A coaching program where you’re guided every single step of the way so that you never have to feel alone in your journey and know exactly what to do if you veer off track.

Enough of that though let me just get right into it and outline everything you’ll receive.

So after you sign up for our 1-on-1 coaching program you then get matched to a certified
personal trainer who was hand picked for you specifically based on your
personal stats and preferences that you provided to us.

And I’m not kidding when I say you can literally take your trainer with
you WHEREVER you go.

Because with the program the first perk you’ll receive is daily walkie talkie
communication with your coach.

1) Daily Walkie Talkie Communication With Your
BWS Certified Coach

With our walkie talkie app you’ll basically have a live coach at your fingertips 24/7. And
we decided to go with this app because it lets you communicate with your
coach whenever you need it the most. For example, you can have full access to your coach at
the gym, on the couch or even at the grocery store.

Struggling with a specific lift at the gym..?

Not a problem – just like Mahek and Anish did below, let your coach know and
they’ll be able to instantly tell you exactly what you need to do:

Got a surprise dinner or night out or any unplanned meal and unsure how to make it fit with your plan?

Easy, just do what Kyle did with his coach to prepare beforehand:

Or, do what these members did and send a picture of the meal to your
coach for an expert’s opinion:

Struggling with motivation or feeling lost, and just need someone to pick you back up?
Your coach has you covered:

2) Fully Customized Workout Plan And Meal Plan

Within a week after you complete our Built With Science
form (which gives us all the necessary information/stats about you), your coach will draft and deliver
your personalized workout plan and your dietitian will deliver your personalized meal plans.

Your workout plans will be custom-tailored just for you based on:

  • Your past and current injuries (this will help determine exercises you can/can’t do and mobility exercises you should be doing)
  • Your exercise preferences (lifts you may struggle with, cardio you enjoy/hate, your equipment availability, etc.)
  • Your current lifestyle (extracurricular activities, hobbies, work, etc.)
  • Any medical/health conditions
  • Your main goals
…and so much more.

And your nutrition plan will ALSO be custom-tailored just for you by one of our in house licensed dietitians based on:

  • Your specific body stats and lifestyle
  • Your food preferences/allergies (we’ll both incorporate the foods you enjoy and avoid the foods you dislike while still enabling you to make consistent progress towards your goals)
  • Your budget and food accessibility
  • Whether you’re vegan/vegetarian/omnivore/pescetarian/keto/low-carb – YOU NAME IT!
  • Your current eating habits

Basically – whether your goal is to melt fat, pack on lean muscle or a combination of both, these workout and meal plans will be the most personalized and optimized way for you to do so.

And it doesn’t stop there – because you and your coach will work closely together to modify and adjust your plans throughout the weeks based on how you progress:

…to help you break through any plateaus you may encounter and just to
truly ensure that the plan is the perfect fit for you.

3) Workout and Nutrition Tracking (Monitored By Coach)

And these personalized plans will be closely monitored by your coach through the
use of the Built With Science workout and nutrition trackers which will serve as
an EXTREMELY valuable tool for both you and your coach.

Because not only will these tracking systems help keep YOU on par with your
progress throughout the journey, but they’ll also allow your coach to hold you accountable and easily make the necessary diet and training adjustments for you when the time comes.

4) Unlimited Form Checks With Your Expert Coach

And to ensure that you’re truly nailing down that workout plan, you also get
unlimited form checks with your expert coach. Because knowing how to properly perform your exercises is
essential in preventing injury and maximizing your success with the program.

Therefore after you receive your customized workout plan, your
coach will ask you to send over videos in the app of you completing your key exercises so they can assess
your form and correct it accordingly:

…it will be just as effective as if you had a personal coach right there with you
correcting your form, without you having to pay hundreds of dollars every time you lift.

5) Access To Your Peer Power Group

don’t ever want you to feel alone or lost throughout your journey,
shortly after you sign up you’ll receive access to what we call the Peer Power Group.

We will pair you up with a small group of peers, just like you, that are working towards their
transformation and overcoming obstacles with the guidance of their coach:

Here, you’ll be able to share your struggles and successes with other members, and never have to feel like you’re doing this all on your own. The Peer Power group will be right there to inspire and motivate you every step of the way.

6) Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Jeremy (Yours truly)

And last but not least, once a month we’re all going to gather together to share
our progress, roadblocks, obstacles, and feedback from the past month. These calls will be
served almost as a catalyst to your journey:

…yes, you have your BWS coaches available daily,

but I personally wanted to add that extra cherry on top to ENSURE you’re on the fastrack to achieving an
amazing transformation – one you’ll be proud of.

With this program… literally everything you need to succeed will
be at YOUR Disposal 24/7!

So prepare to be pushed, held accountable, and receive precise and personalized
nutrition and workout protocols when you join.

And get ready to see impressive results in the mirror almost immediately.

But if I’m being honest, this might not be for you…

I never BS you and I’m not going to start today…

So here’s the truth…

Not everyone is cut out for the BWS 1-on-1 Coaching Program.

We’ve had 100s of people apply before and we’ve turned down dozens of applications.


Well, The BWS coaches and I have put in a ton of time and energy to make this the
TOP transformation program in existence…

And we’re 110% committed to reshaping the physiques everyone who joins.

Imagine a program with a 90-100% success rate.

That’s what I want.
That’s what we’re shooting for.

But for that to happen…

We need people that are 100% dedicated – who are serious about getting into
the best shape of their lives.

And if that’s not you… then I can’t help you.

But if you don’t settle for average

… if you want to be held accountable and guided in your fitness journey…

This might be for you.

Even if you’re still struggling to train consistently…

Even if you feel stuck with no visible results, no matter how hard you train…

Even if you’re losing motivation and losing sight of the goals you set for
yourself when you started…

The BWS 1-on-1 Coaching Program CAN + WILL WORK FOR YOU…

This is that ‘one thing’… This one domino is simply the missing key to sculpting your dream physique in a matter of months- if not, just weeks from now.

I mean take a look at some of these members who just very recently joined the program yet are already in the best shape they’ve ever been in:

For example here’s Patrick:

Now please do myself AND yourself a favour and just pause to read what he had to say about his experience.

Although he saw good results and progress training on his own, he just couldn’t stay consistent with it and eventually went back to his old habits which I know a lot of you can relate to.

But after finding and joining the 1-1 Coaching Program, he knew that this is what he needed and it
was that extra layer of personalization in his plan and accountability to keep him on track that enabled him to literally transform into his dream body in just a matter of months.

And here’s Michael, who stripped off a ton of excess fat while improving hismuscle definition in only 6 weeks with the help of his coach:

I mean he literally couldn’t even remember the last time he was in this kind of shape and this is just the beginning of his journey:

And Mahek, I’m not kidding this one I actually couldn’t believe when it was sent to me, she’s an incredible 20+ lbs down already and looks amazing:

It’s honestly insane just how drastically each of these members have managed to transform their bodies in such a short amount of time.

Not only that though I want you to also just take a look at the feedback from our members.

Trust me just take the time to pause on the screen and read through them.

The feedback has been incredible and it just goes to show you how effective this program really is:

Yes-I’m Interested Transforming My Body. I Want More Info!

It’s honestly insane just how drastically each of these members have managed to transform their bodies in such a short amount of time.

And take a look at the feedback from these members. Trust me just take the time to
pause and read through them

The feedback has been
incredible and it just goes to show you how effective this program really is.

I’m sorry to say that there is a down side…

This coaching program will be closed off very soon.

Like I said earlier..we currently only have 15 certified BWS coaches to dedicate to your success.

And to put things into perspective, we have over 20,000 people hitting our blogs daily, and 100,000s of people viewing our videos on youtube daily…

We basically have hundreds, sometimes thousands of people reaching out constantly asking for an opportunity like this…

I expect this to be filled up fast

… And once the spots fill up…

You’ll probably have to wait another 3-6 months to see this opportunity again.

So take action and apply now while you still can!

Yes-I’m Interested Transforming My Body. I Want More Info!

The button above will take you through the application process and if you’re a good fit, we’ll look forward to seeing you in the coaching program.

If you’re on the fence and considering whether you can afford it…

Let’s do the math…

If you were to get a qualified personal trainer who understands nutrition,

it’s usually $150 per session.

If you got 2 sessions a week, that’s $1200/month and $15,000 per year!

Now…that is NOT something most people can afford.

And that doesn’t even include the cost of wasting 1000s of hours in the gym, wasting thousands of dollars on bad advice because you bought some “trendy” supplements that never worked.

BUT with this program,

I’m finally able to bring the highest level of accountability and top quality coaching to the masses!!

When I say, this is an opportunity like no other… I mean it!

To finally get hit the goals you’ve been aiming for…

● No more starting a new program… sticking to it for 2-3 weeks… and then losing motivation, falling off track, and having to start over again…
● No more flashy supplements and diet fads…

I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, if you trust us with this program, we will stop at nothing to give you your dream transformation faster than you’ve ever dreamt possible.

If you know me at all, you know my word and the brand of my company means everything to me.

I’m willing to put everything on the line if you’re willing to put in the work.

With all of that said, I hope to see you inside soon.

The Built with Science family means everything to me and I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys.

I genuinely can’t wait for you to join us and become even closer involved in such a tight-knit family of people going for the same goal.

I’m already looking forward to your “after picture”… hope you are too.

– Jeremy

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