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Home & Gym Workouts Are included

Get the same results at home without equipment, or in a gym With Equipment. The choice is yours!

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get the beginner shred program

Because you are…
That means, right now, to make your body look good, you need to lose fat and lean down to reveal muscle. BUT…
Because you are also…
That means, right now, you have a low amount of muscle. Which means!… As you lean down and lose fat, we need to also build the right amount of muscle—in the right places. Why? So that once you’ve leaned down, you won’t just be “skinny,” but shredded with muscle.
that’s why i recommend...


Beginner Shred is explicitly calibrated to help guys with skinny fat bodies like you do 2 things simultaneously:

1. Lose fat, progressively, week-after-week.

2. Build muscle, progressively, week after week.
The Beginner Shred Program is a Fat Burning, Lean Muscle Building Roadmap - Customized specifically for you
You can’t approach shredding fat and building lean muscle mass the same way as you would a person with a decent amount of muscle but much lower body fat ratios.

Likewise, the plan for a beginner is different from someone that has been working out for some time because science, and experience, tells us your body doesn’t respond the same way.

Many of our students have tried a workout plan that was one-size-fits-all.

Many had tried to piece together advice they have picked up from books, magazines, websites, YouTube, you name it and they ended up disappointed because there are so many ways this will choke, or even kill, your progress.

Take our YouTube channel for instance, with over 3 million subscribers. It’s packed full of great information and “how to” techniques. But that’s still not a systemized, step-by-step program to lead you to your goals like the Beginner Shred program will…faster and more efficiently than anything else you can do.

The Beginner Shred program is going to empower you with the “how to” and the “why to” so you can reach your goals in the shortest time possible…no wasted effort, no wasted time, and no wasted money.

get the beginner shred program


i’m Jeremy ethier – I focus on providing unbiased information to help you optimize your training and nutrition.


3.80M subscribers


Providing science-backed training and nutritional videos in order to help you become the best version of yourself. I’m certified by NASM and FMS (functional movement screening), and a Kinesiology graduate based in Vancouver, Canada.


get the beginner shred program

Here’s What You Get In Beginner Shred:



Beginner Shred gives you 2 workout routines to choose from that utilize the most effective science-based exercises for building lean muscle.
You'll receive both, and can choose which one to use based on the equipment you have.
GYM Workout Routine - use this to build muscle with exercises that utilize Gym equipment.
HOME Workout Routine - use this to build muscle at home with exercises that utilize what you have around you.

Using either, will add lean muscle to your body in these places

Both Workouts Include:

Video Tutorials For Every Exercise - Because I want you to activate the right muscles and not the wrong ones — so you achieve maximum growth each rep and stay injury free.
Exercise Alternatives For Every Exercise — Because I want you to get results no matter what your experience is or what injuries you may have!


STEP 1: 

How fast you can lose fat?

To answer that question...
First, you’ll tell the program your body stats. In return, the program will tell you how much fat you should aim to lose every week, and how many calories you can eat to hit that goal. This will be a big round number that looks like this:

Bill, today you can eat:
2000 calories
Now, move onto step 2...

Step 2:

Eat any of the delicious meals, snacks, and desserts in these 7 meal books and hit your weekly fat loss goal.

Included within Beginner Shred I’m giving you my 7 new Calorie Specific Meal Books. Each one is jam-packed with delicious meals — all within a specific caloric range. As long as you stay within your total daily calories, you can eat anything inside these books and hit your weekly fat loss goal.

There’s 7 books and you get ‘em all!

If you want to eat 200-300 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 300-400 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 400-500 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 500-600 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 600-700 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 700-800 calories, open this, choose something and eat!

If you want to eat 800+ calories, open this, choose something and eat!

Spread your calories out however you like!

Do you eat 3 big meals every day? You’re bound to find savory, delicious meals in the larger higher-calorie books. Eat lots of smaller meals every day? No problem! The lower-calorie books will likely be your stomping ground. No matter what your habits are, I’ve designed my diet to work within your current life. As long as you stay within your total daily calories, you can eat anything inside these books and hit your weekly fat loss goal.

Save Time & Live Your Life

Every meal uses inexpensive, easy-to-find ingredients so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time living life!What’s more, every meal on every page gives you step-by-step instructions that make prepping a breeze. You’ll go from salivating to eating in no time!

Eat what you love
(There’s 100s of sample meals)

Because I don’t know what your favorite food is, I’ve gone ahead and given you a ton of options... There’s hundreds of sample meals. And I guarantee you’ll find food you already love inside each one because... I’ve made sure that every taste, preference and dietary restriction is covered. Inside you’ll find delicious high protein meals that are quick to prep and satisfy all kinds of taste buds. Burgers... brownies... snacks... amazing sandwiches... and meat-based dishes... to ‘no-nuts’... to vegetarian and vegan friendly meals.
Every meal is downright delicious!
They have to be for you to stick to the plan and keep leaning down.
But, I’ve also done something else to these meals...

Guesswork now gone
I’ve calculated every macro for you

I optimized the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content inside each sample meal I’m giving you for fat loss, fullness, muscle recovery and energy. No guesswork needed. It’s all done for you! Just choose what you like! Every snack, meal, and dessert is already designed so you:

  • Eat fewer calories without sacrificing flavor or taste...
  • Stay full from morning till night and never get hungry...
  • Have tons of energy (who doesn’t want more energy?!)
  • Maximize muscle recovery (and in turn, maximize muscle growth)

Ready To Join our army of over 29,000 Beginner Shred members who are getting lean and shredded while eating unbelievably delicious food?

Plus, You’ll Get These Free Bonuses


Unlike other fitness programs that leave you to figure it out by yourself, our team of experts and uplifting community of members will be with you every step of the way to motivate and guide you to your specific goals.

BONUS #2 ($29 VALUE) - Fast Food & Restaurant Estimator

Eat out? Not a problem. Just consult the Fast Food & Restaurant Accountant to know how to fit everything you just ate back into your diet.

BONUS #3 ($19 VALUE) - ‘Accidental’ Alcohol Guideline

Did you ‘accidentally’ drink 1500 calories last night? In this guide I show you how to beat the hangover & recoup those accidental calories over the next 7 days.

BONUS #4 ($19 VALUE) - The Muscle Imbalance Fix

Does one muscle group look smaller than others? Use this guide to equalize the size and strength of any lagging muscle group you may have.


Built With Science was founded to stand out from everything
else out there. It is a direct path to the results that matter to
you…at a price anyone can afford.

one time payment of $49 for lifetime access

if you follow the system
you will 100% get results.

Unlike the majority of competitors, everything is backed by science.

Don’t just take our word for it – see real results from thousands of
our members, who were once in a position that you were in
  • "Lol. I have abs now!"

    “I live really close to a lake. I used to avoid it, because everybody's shirt is off. I wasn't comfortable taking mine off so I just didn't go. I honestly never thought I'd have abs. I never thought I'd be going to the lake just to show off my abs! (Guilty)  Lol. I have abs now! It took work, lots of it, but your program made actually doing it easier. ”
    Shahril S. 
  • "Thanks so much dude"

    I have come to this page like 10 times before getting it.  Dude, ur steps in the program have been so helpful.  I wasted so much time thinking I could 'get away' with watching ur Yutube vids.  Like you need to put at the top of your website, 'this program has steps. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3" You know? That's what makes it different from ur Yutube videos!  I wish I would have gotten it sooner.  Thanks so much dude.
    Eshan E.
  • "...Helped me get rid of my spare tire"

    “Your whole program is awesome. I used to have a skinny fat body and I thought I was stuck with it for life. Now I am shocked in disbelief everytime I look in the mirror. I’m so much more confident now too. Even my friends and family are asking how I did this.” 
    Dimitris D

You’re Covered By
our risk free guarantee

You’re covered by The Built With Science 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You can try out The Beginner Shred Program risk-free because we’re backing your decision with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

one time payment of $49 for lifetime access

get the beginner shred program

got questions?

That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT –
it shows you truly care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:
What's the difference between the BUILD and SHRED programs?
The BUILD programs are focused on maximizing muscle growth. The SHRED programs are focused on maximizing fat loss and improving muscle definition (while building muscle if applicable).

However, you don’t need to purchase both programs. Every single program comes with both – it’s just the starting point that differs. For example, the SHRED programs start out with a fat loss or body recomposition phase where fat loss is the primary goal. Then, in the latter part of the program, I reveal that BUILD protocol and how to transition to a phase dedicate moreso towards building muscle. As you can see, I set you up for long term success so that you always have something to work towards.
How fast will I see results?
It all depends on how closely you stick to the program. If you follow what I’ve laid out for inside the program and modules, you should start seeing your body composition (fat to muscle ratio) improve within the first 7 days of starting the program. If you stay consistent, you’ll see a complete body transformation in as little as 2 months.
Will I need access to a gym or equipment?
With your purchase, you’ll receive a gym workout if you currently have access to a gym. There are alternatives for every gym exercise as well, which only require a bench and dumbbells or a bar. However, you also will be receiving home workouts. These home workouts don’t require any equipment if you don’t have any, and are designed such that you can still achieve the same results as you would with full access to a gym.
Will I receive a meal plan?
Yes! You’ll receive a meal plan and a recipe book consisting of the best SHRED meals to use with your program. You’ll also be taught how to incorporate your own foods and meals into the program while still seeing incredible results.
I'm in my 50's... will this work for me too?
Yes. I’ve created Beginner SHRED so that any guy can get his dream physique. You only need to have access to a gym 3 days per week (the recreation center at your University will work perfectly), and dial in your nutrition with The Ultimate Nutrition Software. Do this and you’ll have no problem getting the best physique on campus.
Is it a one-time payment or a monthly payment? Do I get lifetime access?
It’s a one time payment, and you get lifetime access. This means that whenever I update the program with new routines, diet plans, and new research – your programs will automatically be updated. So that you can rest assured that your program is always the best, most up to date version.

The Beginner Shred Program

the ultimate Fat Burning, Lean Muscle Building Roadmap — Customized Specifically for you

Hurry, this exclusive offer won’t last forever!

one time payment of $49 for lifetime access

get the beginner shred program

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